The problem

Carbon emissions are rising. The carbon footprint of individuals, companies, and governments

is heating the planet, approaching a 2°C degree-rise tipping point. The consequences are paramount. Extreme weather conditions ($100 billion in damages in 2019); a 25 percent animal species extinction threat; and ultimately: a planet that becomes unhabitable.

At HBS Solutions, we know that climate change is a serious topic. As a company, we are willing to go the extra mile when it comes to fighting climate change. That’s why we compensate for the personal and business activities of our employees via Regreener. In addition to that, we plant a tree for every order we process. This means that by choosing HBS Solutions, you are also making an impact!

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About Regreener

Regreener is a Dutch company focusing on combatting climate change. We make it possible for every individual and every business to have a positive impact on our planet, by offsetting the negative impact we all have. Transparency is at the core of what we do.

With Regreener, we plant trees, protect rainforests and support projects focussed on Greene energy and renewables. Think you can’t make a change? Think again! Curious to see our impact so far? You can visit our Regreener profile by clicking the following link:

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