About Us

About Us

HBS is a leading international supplier of high-pressure parts for energy equipment

such as oil and gas refining and manufacturing, chemicals, and renewable energy, HBS supplies PTFE and TAKECOAT-coated parts and Engineered parts according to DIN/ISO/ASTM/ASME.

Our expertise helps build a sustainable energy future. Leading the way in supplying high-pressure parts for OEMs who contribute to the production of low-carbon sources like wind, biofuels, and hydrogen.

Our Corporate Values


With a long term vision we strive to be the next generation supplier in the supply chain to OEMs and MROs in low-carbon fuels. We have this vision when building partnerships with our sub-vendors, clients and stakeholders.


Where our international clients’ equipment serve critical purposes our clients must rely on HBS to be a trustworthy, whether this is in lead time, quality or price. In this process transparency and good communication is key.


HBS strives to be an inclusive company where our employees are judged based on their efforts and not on their gender, background or nationality. We also separate ourselves from direct stakeholders who do so.


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Year of experience

The history of HBS

HBS was founded in 1999 as HardmetaalBoorSystemen Technische Groothandel as a Technical wholesaler to construction companies. During this period we have worked for several infrastructure projects in the Netherlands.

Slowly on we started supplying equipment manufacturers (OEMs), maintenance companies (MROs) and refineries. To focus on international growth, and more on solutions rather than wholesale we changed our name to HBS Solutions B.V.



To contribute to a more equal, clean and sustainable world”.


We believe in responsible entrepreneurship. Contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world is part of that.

Emerging markets are growing every day and so is the demand of fossil energy sources. At the same time global warming is becoming an more urgent issue every day.

Our solutions must contribute to a sustainable society, whether this is building an new LNG plant with lower CO2 emissions or an off-shore wind mill farm. 

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