DIN 439 B

Hexagonal Thin Nuts Chamfered

Hexagonal Thin Nuts

Technical Specification:

  • Hexagonal Thin Nuts Chamfered
  • Din 439 B
  • Diameter: Metric or Inch
  • Thread: Coarse or Fine

Possible materials:

  • ISO: St 8, 10.9, 12.9
  • ISO: A2, A4
  • ANSI/ASME: A/SA194-2H, A/SA194-Gr.7/7M/7L/7ML,
  • ANSI/ASME: A/SA194-Gr.8, A/SA194-Gr.8M
  • DIN Werkstoff: 42CrMo4, 25CrMo4
  • C35, CK35, C45E, C35E

Possible coatings:

  • Carbon steel: Hot-dip Galvanizing, Geomet-500, Zinc, Zinc-Nickel, PTFE/Xylan, TAKECOAT-1000
  • Stainless steel: PTFE/Xylan, TAKECOAT-1000


  • Structural
  • Machinery equipment
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace

What is DIN 439 Type B?

DIN 439 B Hex Thin Nuts (Chamfered) captivate with their slim profile and finely chamfered edges, exuding an air of understated refinement. Their seamless integration into assemblies creates a visual harmony, elevating the aesthetic appeal of any application where they are employed.

Enchanted Features and Benefits:

  • Space-Saving Chic: The slender design of DIN 439 B Hex Thin Nuts embraces efficiency without compromising on style. Their gracefully chamfered edges allow for smooth insertion and removal, making them a darling of designers and engineers seeking both elegance and functionality.
  • Elegant Simplicity: With their meticulously chamfered edges and minimalist allure, these nuts redefine elegance in fastening solutions. Their understated design adds a touch of sophistication to any assembly, leaving a lasting impression of refined craftsmanship.
  • Universal Charisma: DIN 439 B Hex Thin Nuts boast universal appeal, thanks to their standard metric threading compatible with a myriad of bolts and threaded rods. This versatility ensures seamless integration into a wide range of applications, from automotive marvels to electronic masterpieces.
  • Crafted for Excellence: Manufactured to DIN 439 B standards, these nuts embody a commitment to excellence. Their impeccable construction adheres to strict quality specifications, ensuring reliable performance and enduring durability in even the most demanding environments.

Why DIN 439 B Over Type A:

While DIN 439 Type A Hex Thin Nuts offer similar functionality, DIN 439 B Hex Thin Nuts (Chamfered) provide an added advantage with their chamfered edges. This chamfering facilitates easier installation and removal, particularly in applications where frequent assembly and disassembly are required. Additionally, the chamfered edges reduce the risk of thread damage during tightening, ensuring a secure and reliable fastening solution without compromising on aesthetics or performance.

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