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The history of HBS Solutions Ltd.

HBS Solutions Ltd. (HBSSL) is a subsidiary of HBS Solutions B.V. (HBSS) established in 2021. The company specializes in supplying European fasteners to clients in Bangladesh and other Southeast Asian markets.


HBS Solutions Ltd. (HBSSL) began its operations as a local agent for HBSS, primarily engaging in bidding activities for local government tenders. However, given the increased demand for high-pressure and European-manufactured fasteners in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions, HBSSL strategically diversified its focus to serve clients in these areas.


The operational structure remained consistent with procurement, sales, and supply chain management being performed from the HBSSL office, while manufacturing and distribution were carried out from the HBSS office. To centralize departments, HBSSL is accountable for sales, procurement, and supply chain management, while the HBSS oversees the management of the group, manufacturing, and distribution.


To contribute to a more equal, clean and sustainable world”.


We believe in responsible entrepreneurship. Contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world is part of that.

Emerging markets are growing every day and so is the demand of fossil energy sources. At the same time global warming is becoming an more urgent issue every day.

Our solutions must contribute to a sustainable society, whether this is building an new LNG plant with lower CO2 emissions or an off-shore wind mill farm. 

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