Technical expertise on DIN/ISO and ASTM/ASME fasteners for critical applications including PTFE coatings. Short lead times. 100% traceable materials from West-EU including the needed (EN10204-3.1./EN10204-3.2.) certification.

We specialize in Hexagon Plug + Gasket Seal combinations for Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers and ASTM/ASME or DIN/ISO Stud- and Hex Bolt/Nut with surface treatments such as TAKECOAT-1000 and XYLAN 1070/1424 Flanges and Valves.

Yes, we do. For all of our international (i.e. Indonesia, Singapore, UAE) customers we arrange door-to-door transport. Whether this is air- ship or road freight. 

Yes. We are the only authorized European company who supplies fasteners in TAKECOAT-1000.

TAKECOAT-1000 is a combination of fluoropolymer top-coating and ceramic underlayer, with an average thickness of 45-50µ. TAKECOAT-1000 is highly resistant against adhesion and corrosion, and offers a protections of at least 6000 hours before red rust occurs.

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